Thanks to the use of modern technologies, Tintoria Vidama guarantees the possibility of obtaining the desired colors for any type of yarn.

The continuous search for optimal solutions to meet the specific needs of customers ensures versatility of quantities, high control and a high quality of the final result.

Culture of research, experimentation and quality are the key elements that complement the experience and expertise accumulated and refined over the years.

The Vidama dyeing house ensures:

  • Minimum starting from 8 kg
  • Sample color development in 24 hours
  • Maximum precision in dyeing affinities
  • Certified and eco-sustainable dyes
  • Dyeing of all synthetic and natural fibers
  • Third party service work

For 40 years, high quality yarns.

After a long managerial experience at the service of multinationals in the sewing thread sector, in 1980 Alfredo Longo laid the foundations of the great Vidama reality by creating a modern and efficient structure capable of responding to the requests of all customers present on the national territory. In the following years, the sons Vittorio, Dario and Massimo managed to give further impetus and innovative ideas with the introduction of modern and technological machinery and with the construction, in 2003, of the plant in Marcianise, with ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 certification.

The acquisition in 2005 of Sirteco srl of Bologna is part of this development perspective, which, with 2300 customers, 20 agents and warehouses in several Italian regions, represents a historic and prestigious brand of sewing threads.

This acquisition allows Vidama to obtain a more widespread distribution on the national and international territory and to position itself among the leading companies in the sector. Another important step in expanding the company towards new international scenarios is marked by the opening of a new office, in 2010, in Mexico. Certifications Company with ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 certification.


with certification

in the World

Thanks to a network of warehouses and distributors in Italy and Mexico, Vidama Filati guarantees timely and fast deliveries throughout the country and abroad.