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    Vidama, high quality industrial and sewing threads.

    A long family tradition, a history of challenges, a strong passion for quality and innovation. These are the ingredients that have made Vidama a leader in the production of Made in Italy sewing and industrial threads.

    Made with quality fibers, in natural or synthetic materials, Vidama yarns make up a wide range of color and pattern combinations, ideal for sewing and finishing on clothing, leather goods, accessories but also in the automotive, furniture and technical stitching.

    The internal management of all stages of production allows Vidama to optimize times and provide a high quality final product, fully meeting the specific needs of the customer.



    Vidama in the World

    The company’s production plant is located in Marcianise, Caserta, Italy. Thanks to a network of warehouses both in Italy and in Mexico, Vidama is able to guarantee fast deliveries to any city.



    Vidama México

    The great demand for sewing threads and articles for footwear prompted Vidama to found, in 2017, the Vidama Mexico company based in Guanajuato. 


    Environmental sustainability

    Vidama has included in its business reality the social and environmental dimension as a concrete commitment to protect the environment.

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    The new jewel of the Vidama house is the dyeing plant, a plant built with the best existing technologies in the world.

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