Mango, the Second Changes in clothing

Mango, the Second Changes in clothing

The initiative is part of a broader Mango strategy aimed at making the company more sustainable.  

The Catalan company Mango has launched its first collection of garments inspired by the concept of circular economy. The “Second Chances” project since 2016 has recovered more than 32 million discarded clothes thanks to the installation of 420 bins distributed in all Mango stores in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Croatia, Holland, Italy and the United Kingdom. .

“6 tons of recycled and rewoven cotton fabric.

The clothing items, two for men and two for women, are made up of 20% recycled fibers and 80% sustainable cotton. The entire production process has minimized the textile residue, water consumption (about 85%) and the impact on the environment.

“Second Change”, created in collaboration with Koopera, a cooperative promoted by Caritas, will be re-proposed every year. In addition to the production of new clothing, the garments collected can also be used in other areas, such as the upholstery of sofas or to generate energy.


Vidama Filati

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