Viscose yarn in recycled cotton

Viscose yarn in recycled cotton

A research group from the Fraunhofer Institute has overcome the long-standing technical obstacles to the recycling of mixed fiber garments and has made the first viscose yarn in recycled cotton.

For decades, the textile sector has presented problems relating to the recycling of used clothing which, if not placed in the second hand supply chain, ended up directly in landfills.

The novelty comes from a group of German researchers who have developed an upcycling technique capable of enhancing all old clothing to provide new raw materials to the sector while lowering its impact on the environment and natural resources

“The turning point in the recycling of used clothes.

Lehmann, a researcher at the Fraunhofer IAP in Potsdam, working for the Swedish company re: newcell with his team, managed to convert recycled cotton pulp into pure cellulose fibers.

This made it possible to produce a continuous fiber yarn several kilometers long composed of 100% cellulose, whose quality is comparable to that of regenerated wood-based cellulosic fiber, suitable for the mass.

This filament is ecological. Instead of adding to the mountains of microplastics that pollute the oceans, it decomposes easily.


Vidama Filati

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