40 years of Vidama Filati

40 years of Vidama Filati

An important milestone reached together with collaborators, suppliers and customers.

The large Vidama family, for three generations, has been following all the production phases of their sewing threads on a daily basis. An intertwining of innovation and tradition rooted in all stages of production, from the selection of raw materials to the final winding. Since 1980 entrepreneurial farsightedness, customer focus and innovative strength are the company’s founding values.

“The Patron Saint San Gennaro, symbol of the link with the city of Naples.

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary, Vidama had an artifact made by the boys of the Penal Institute for Minors of Nisida thanks to recovery and professional training activities depicting the silhouette of the Patron Saint “San Gennaro”, which testifies to the strong bond with the traditions of the city of origin and is inextricably linked to the growth and history of Vidama Filati.


Vidama Filati

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