A-Collection, art meets recycling at Palazzo Barolo

A-Collection, art meets recycling at Palazzo Barolo

The environment meets contemporary art: A_Collection, an exhibition of tapestries made with yarns derived from recycled plastic.

The A-Collection project in Turin, curated by Chiara Casarin, intertwines the contemporary research of young but established artists on the Italian scene with the creative vision of new weaving techniques.

So far the project has allowed the creation of 10 + 1 fascinating large contemporary tapestries, made with yarns obtained from the processing of recycled plastic.

“Photo: Piroétte, recycled plastic and natural yarns.

Thanks to technological research and creativity, it is possible to combine attention for the environment with the production of works of art, creating, from a product considered “waste”, a high-level contemporary object, luxurious as a work of art.

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