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Fiat Hybrid range: 500 and Panda Hybrid Launch Edition

The first FCA city cars equipped with the new Mild Hybrid petrol technology. The first step in the electrification of the Fiat brand. 

The new mild hybrid versions of the Fiat 500 and Panda could satisfy even the most environmentally sensitive customers. The interior fabrics of the new series are combined with the sustainability of the Seaqual project which supports ocean cleaning interventions to counter pollution and give new life to waste: the seat covers of the two “small” ones come – in part – from the sea .

To obtain it, it is necessary to transform the plastic collected in the sea into flakes of polyethylene terephthalate, to then make the raw yarn. In the next step, the marine origin polyester is blended with other natural fibers, recycled or recovered. A “green” process, completed by the application of ecological dyes and finishes.

“The Seaqual yarn comes from“ upcycled ”marine plastic.

Although this fabric offers properties and qualities identical to those of polyester, as well as playing an active role in cleaning the deep ocean, it allows a 40% reduction in water consumption, 50% energy savings and limits carbon emissions by 60%.


Vidama Filati

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